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Our Philosophy

When a beloved family member passes away, the heartache that results is indescribable.  The last thoughts a grieving person should struggle with are legal issues.

Where everyone agrees on how estate or trust assets should be distributed, the legal process may be simple. Sometimes, however, issues arise over whether a will is valid and should be given effect; a trust or trust transfers were done properly; someone took advantage of someone else using a power of attorney or otherwise; or an executor, administrator, or a trustee acted properly. Even where there is no express disagreement over these types of issues, a strong potential for disagreement may exist.  

Our practice consists entirely of handling matters involving these types of issues, also known as trust and estate litigation and probate and estate administration.  We work with estate planning attorneys to minimize the risk of litigation before a person passes away. After he or she passes away, we handle his or her estate affairs in ways that minimize the risk of litigation from starting, and where there is litigation, we fight fiercely to place our clients in the strongest strategic positions for success.

As a small firm, we pride ourselves on being able to give our clients personalized attention and maximum quality at minimized costs. We view our clients as family and, depending on a client’s preferences, we are comfortable working together closely or using our discretion in a more hands-off approach. 
Unlike certain larger firms, we are not fixed to a particular way of handling a matter, and we evaluate our clients' needs on a case-by-case basis. If we believe that a client would benefit from our working with another firm (perhaps because of the size of the matter or because the matter concerns niche issues in a practice area that another firm is more equipped to handle), we facilitate working together with such a firm, all the while still serving as our client’s protector and gladiator.


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